Panforte Panpepato



EN – Panforte is a traditional Tuscan cake known since the Middle Age (1000 a.C). In the past it was called Pane Natalizio (Christmas bread) or Pane Aromatico or Panpepato (Spicy bread) and baked only by skilled druggists (or apothecary), called Speziali. For the rarity and cost of most of its ingredients, Panforte was consumed almost by the clergy and wealthy. Through the centuries the recipe of Panpepatus (now called Panforte Nero) did not have substantial modifications as its main ingredients: candied fruits, spices and pepper. Only in 1879, in Siena, during the visit of Queen Margherita di Savoia, a Speziale prepared a Panforte with less spices and without candied melon for better meet the Queen’s personal taste. In her honor this new recipe was called Panforte Margherita, today known also as Panforte Bianco. Nowadays Panforte (white or black) has become a well known dessert, served at the end of traditional Christmas meals, with a glass of sweet wine as our Tuscan Vinsanto.